Enterprise Govt Solution

E&E has over 80 years of experience working with and within the federal government. E&Es current federal customers include: DoD (Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines), Department of Homeland Security (DHS)  Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the United States Coast Guard. We also work with Defense Contract Management Agency, USDA, US Bureau of Reclamation, US Forestry Service, Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, Indian Health Services (Ft McDermott), Fleet Industrial Supply Center, US Fish and Wildlife Service, VAMC Hampton, Environmental Protections Agency. Non-Federal Customers include the States of Virginia, Texas, California, Florida, New Mexico, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington, the Florida Dept of Education, Florida Department of Health, Florida Department of Transportation, the Virginia Dept of Veterans Affairs, Virginia Dept of Forestry, Applied Research Laboratory, and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. E&E's current Tribal Community customers include: Cherokee Nation (Eastern and Western Bands), Indian Health Service, Seneca Nation, Miccosukee Tribe of Indians, and Table Mountain Rancheria. E&E manages many of these agencies information services on E&E dedicated gateways. Our customers appreciate E&E's Tier 1; Tier 2 help desk support and on-site maintenance which provides valued personal service.

E&E Enterprises Global, Inc. ranks among top private firms by INC. Magazine.

E&E Enterprises Global, Inc. among Top Awardees of GSA SATCOM-II Contract.

E&E Enterprises Global, Inc. has hit some big satellite contracts at the federal and state level.


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